Universal smilies activated on siasat.pk


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Waseem how did you use Angry reaction on this post :D :D ??? I have tried but I only see like
If Waseem allow me to answer this, I already mentioned it earlier
This is bit technical but not difficult to understand
Currently if u change reaction_id=6 as mentioned above it would give angry emoji. On mobile it would b bit difficult but on laptop/PC its just right click-> open new tab->change reaction_id=6 for angry and others for sad, wow, love etc
I believe Adeel is working on this update as well, which should provide div overlay if u key mouse down or keep touched for a fraction of second & then choose other emoji
Reactions aren't active. Please give it a few days


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Adeel i want to know about ur Rest API thing, perhaps few nerds around can use it for some data insight about this forum and discussion & user's behavior & used them in some natural language processing algorithms???
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