This is not a film - Indian anchor Ravesh Kumar on Jingoistic warmongering tone of Indian Anchors

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انڈیا وار مونگیر ......ان کی نفرت زراصل مسلمانوں سے ہے پاکستان انکو ہضم نہیں ہوتا ....اپنی جنتا کو چوٹیا بناتے ہیں پاکستان سے بدلہ کے نام پر.... ہمت ہے تو اپنا سفارتی عملا بلوالو....ابھی اور سلگ رہی ہے کہ امریکا پاکستان سے افغانستان کے معملات میں پاکستان کو پیار یعنی لوء مانگتا ہے


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Indian anchors and media is just super non-sense, crazy and full of hate.
This anchor rightly said that they all think its a bollywood movie.

I dont get it how on national TV, the national talk show hosts can so easily demand a war.

On our side, only orya maqbool jan or laal topi says such non-sense.

In all cases, we need to extra careful and vigilant and expect worse from modi. He is a big terrorist and will see this event as a big opportunity to regain his popularity for the upcoming elections. He already lost elections in his core constituencies a couple of months ago.
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