The NAB (KPK) arrested accused Gulzar Ali, Ex-Secretary to Chairman Higher Education Regulatory Auth


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BREAKING EDUCATION NEWS: NOT ONLY REFUSED TO APPEAR BEFORE THE HERA BUT HE ALSO DESTROYED THE OFFICE RECORD, FINAL REQUEST MADE TO NAB KP TO CONDUCT AN INQUIRY AND RECOVERED THE MONEY.[/h]The NAB (KPK) arrested accused Gulzar Ali, Ex-Secretary to Chairman Higher Education Regulatory Authority (HERA), allegedly involved in embezzlement of public money by depositing the same in his personal bank account. In order to hide his malpractices he did not properly maintain the accounts/finance related record of HERA.

Its worth mentioning here that the accused person not only refused to appear before the departmental inquiry committee constituted by Higher Education Deptt, Govt of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa but he also destroyed/concealed the office record. HERA being unable to recover the looted money requested the NAB (KPK) to conduct an inquiry against the accused and recovered the money so embezzled.

As per details, Private Colleges & Universities operating in the Province are to be registered with HERA by depositing registration fees and renewal fee after every year. For the purpose of all financial transactions to be made in the name of HERA, an official bank account is maintained. However the accused Gulzar Ali directed some universities and colleges to deposit their registration/renewal fees in his personal bank account in MCB University Town Branch, Peshawar. Scrutiny of bank record of the said account confirmed the complaints lodged by the officials of educational institutions.

Moreover, he allegedly used to demand and obtain money from the educational institutes in the name of TA/DA during his scrutiny visits to these institutes. Also he overcharged the fees from educational institutes in some cases.

The accused person will be produced before the Accountability Court Peshawar for obtaining his physical remand

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madia kpk govt par elzam lagata hai,,ke salary kyun bara di,,madia say main pochta hon,,ke pehle kpk main arbo rupies ki corruption hoti ti,,aur aik saal main koi scandals samne nahi aya,,esa ka matlab hai,,ke PTI govt ne arbo ka corruption bacha liya hai,,,,,aghar 10 core salaries ki nekal diya tu kia fark parta hai,,, 10 core behter hai,,ye arbo ki corruption,,mera tu yahi kheyal hai,,ke salary aik aik lak hone chahaye,,bas corruption khattam ho jaye,
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