The main threat we always see is from Indian side - DG ISPR


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اور ہمیں اصل خطر اندر کے غرداروں سے ہے جو دوبارہ دوبارہ ملک کو لوٹ کھاتے ہیں اور نام نہاد محب وطن اُن کو سلوٹ کرتے تھکتے نہیں۔


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when you will launch ghazwa hind ? why are you on tv ? instead of on indian border ?
attack hindus first.
dear we will killl hindu like .... Kutta mar moham.... .one by one .... slow by slow poison is the best threat for enemy ... coz he can see himself in dying and can do anything ....

we will crush these chaddis babies now ... lolzzz let them do 1st step..

as per Ghazwa it is also Kuffar will start and end will be done by Muslims ... so let them start first ....
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