The blind spot of Justice..... Man pleads safety of life because he is right and his opponents have


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welcome to the wild Pakistan .... Pakistan is made only for the powerful, rich and elite ... common citizens are only used to vote these b@st@rds into power so they can rule over us. no rights for us my friends.... all rights are reserved for this elite mafia. Only Allah can save Pakistan now ... we are beyond redemption.


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To get Justice in Pakistan is impossible for a poor & rich person. It is the responsibility of the state to provide protection on an immediate basis and free justice as in constitution guarantees the fundamental rights.


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agar insaaf nahi ho ga tu phir ikk azaab aay ga...
Aur agar Allah ka azzan aa gia tu phir koe nahi bach saky ga...
hum loog bhi ju keyboard pay tuk tuk tuk ker kay apna ghusa nikal rahy hean...hum pay bhi wo azzab aay ga...
sunaa hay keh kabhi bhi Allah kay azzaab ki dua nahi mangni chahey...
lakin phir sochta hoonn....buss thory hee loog kion isss azzaab say guzar rahy buss pora azzaab aa jaey...wo bhi zulm kertay haen unpay aur wo bhi khamosh rahtay haen hum pay bhi.....bus ghareeb he kion isss azzaab say guzry...
May Allah guide us


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یہ فرعون ہیں ان سے اپیل کرنے کا کوئی فائدہ نہیں الله تمھارے حا پر رحم کرے