Tehreek-e-Labbaik giving serious threat to Supreme court Judges


Councller (250+ posts)
these morons are working against the country. Most lethal force with zombie following.

Asia asked "Jesus did such and such miracle what did muhammad(saw) do ? "
Such discussion happened in the time of rasool-ullah ..no one was punished.
Quran is filled with answers for such question real or rhetorical.

I bet If some one read passage from quran when allah (swt) address rasool-ullah these aashqaan will kill him.

They just don't know they are indian style mob using rasool-ullah's name to scare and hurt people.

Ali Sha

MPA (400+ posts)
Piss on them bearded thugs. Wish we had a leader like Mustafa Kamal Ataturk who could have driven us out of this insanity. Religion preaches moderation and these guys are jokers.

Zamaray Khan

Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
This ignorant,beghairat and terrorist should be arrest as soon as possible. Not sure what the hell is our agencies are doing by allowing him to roam around and produce terrorist freely in the Punjab. All the molviz should be banned in Pakistan for doing politics in the name of religion

Lord Botta

Minister (2k+ posts)
With in 6 months , these Mullahs shall be leading a shutdown against Imran Khan. As far as Saqib Nisar is concerned , that dwarf rents balls from Army and Army is not going to lend him their balls against Khadim Hussain. Khadim for now is the "good Taliban".
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