'Sunlight won't magic its way into your lungs to fight corona': Scientists rubbish Trump's claim

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'Sunlight won't magic its way into your lungs to fight coronavirus': Scientists rubbish Donald Trump's claim hitting the body with UV rays could cure the illness after President rolled out unscrutinised Homeland Security study claiming they kill the virus

Sunlight may kill the coronavirus on surfaces within minutes, according to an unpublished study carried out by US Department of Homeland Security scientists that has not been reviewed by independent experts.

Their results suggest radiation given off by UV rays can damage the virus' genetic material and hamper its ability to replicate on surfaces. There is no evidence UV rays can kill the coronavirus in the body.

The 'evidence' was unveiled at last night's White House press briefing by DHS offical Bill Bryan, who has no scientific background - and triggered a bizarre outburst by Donald Trump.

On the back of the claims, Trump proposed two dangerous new treatments, which included injecting cleaning agents in the body and the use of ultraviolet lights.

Leading scientists today rubbished the use of UV rays as a therapeutic, and begged the public to not expose themselves to harmful radiation, proven to cause skin cancer. Makers of disinfectants rushed out emergency statements warning people not to consume them in any way.

One virologist said that sitting in the sun will not stop any pathogen replicating in an individual patient's internal organs because it cannot penetrate the body.

Others told MailOnline it will not able to make its way 'by some magic' into the lungs to stop the infection in its tracks.

But they agreed that UV rays, which are used by hospitals in the US and UK for decontamination of areas, can kill viruses on surfaces - something which has long been well known.

The DHS 'study', first leaked last week, was carried out by the National Biodefense Analysis and Countermeasures Center. The laboratory in Frederick, Maryland, was set up following the 9/11 terrorist attacks to address biological threats.

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چول نے کل چرسی سے بات کی ہے آج کوئی اچھی نسل کی بونگی تو بنتی تھی

جس دن اس نے سعودی چرسی سے بات کی اس نے سب کو پھپھڑے کھول کر دھونے کا مشورہ دے دینا ہے

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how can this guy be accepted as a leader
he is even dumber than nawaz sharif....i can't believe im saying this
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