Sikhs hold a massive gathering after EID Namaz with Muslims in Solidarity with Kashmir.


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This is high time for Kashmiris and they need support from all the minorities in India, especially Sikhs.

If Sikh community, especially outside India, can support the Kashmiris to plead their case in front of the world then they will be eternally grateful and would reciprocate their support for Khalistan.

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they already are and have been doing so for some time where have you been?
If you get out of your cocoon then you will see that the world is bigger than what you thought it is.

Yes, Sikhs have supported somewhat but not wholeheartedly. To turn the table a lot more sport is needed.

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these are sikhs who have been declared criminals and now they cant even enter punjab.... so they can only dance ?


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Like they did in all the wars before and after 1984. These people are more concerned about their own safety in Kashmir being the minority then standing with Muslims.
well most of soldiers in the Indian army are Sikhs and lower class Hindus. Take the Pulwama attack; for example. Most who died were Sikhs or lower class Hindus. If violence accelerates in Kashmir between civilians and armed forces, a big chunk of these minority groups are not going to be standing with Kashmiris even if they were previously.
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