Siddique Jan: Media, Imran Khan and Pakistan


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نوں لیگ کو میڈیا مینج کرنا اتا تھا.
جی نہیں
نوں لیگ کو لوٹ میں سے میڈیا کو حصہ دینا اتا تھا.

اور رپورٹر سارے کے سارے بلیک میلر ہیں.
کسی کو پکڑ لیتے ہیں اور غیر قانونی کام کرنے کے پچاس پچاس لاکھ لیتے ہیں.
ضمانتیں کروانے لے دو دو لاکھ لیتے ہیں.



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Imran Khan's glorious achievements:
The best Cricketer Pakistan has ever produced.
One of the best allrounders of all time.
One of the best first bowlers of all time.
one of the best Captains of all time.

The most flamboyant Cricketer, the world has ever seen.
Founder of 2 world class Cancer Hospitals, 3rd. one is under construction.

Founder of Int. standard Technical College, Namal college, affiliation with the University of Bradford, UK.

Chancellor of the University of Bradford from 2005 to 2014. The university vice-chancellor Brian Cantor said Khan had been "a wonderful role model for our students".

After 22 years of political struggle became PM of Pakistan. (Khan was offered ministry & share of power by Nawaz Sharif himself & Gen. Musharraf, but he declined)

IK said "Inko Rulaon Ga Main"...and literally, he did, remember how Maryam Safdar & Nawaz Sharif was screaming & crying“Mujhe kyun nikala?”

IK said "Inko Takleef Pahonchay Gi", look the angst the entire Sharif Brothers & families having now.

July 2017 Dawn newspaper reported: "You will not go to Jeddah, but to Adiala jail," said Imran Khan Khan, referring to Nawaz Sharif's exile in 1999 after his government was toppled by the then Gen Pervez Musharraf.
And Nawaz is in Jail now.

Now Imran Khan is saying it will take some time to clean up the mess created by PPP & PMLN, we need to trust him & give him the time of 5 years. As per his track record, he will not fail us. He is a special kind of Leader best only after Quaid e Azam.


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A strange nation we are! We can tolerate terror, corruption, load shedding, lack of education and health facilities. We can find ways around these and other obstacles, and may even find it in our hearts to forgive those who brought us to our knees in front of the world nations. Yet we find it totally against our power to tolerate a period of hardship of our own free will! What does this say about us? I begin to think about the true worth of our emotions and commitments.
Jaber is the state of tolerating hardships brought upon us by circumstances despite having the capacity to rise up to challenges which is actually a sin as told by Allah.
Saber on the other hand is to remain content, hopeful and pray to Allah for his bounties when we are being tested by Allah and have no capacity to rise to the challenge with full force because the situation is sent by Allah.
Are we used to being subjugated, trampled and ruled upon and the idea of freedom is just a fairy dream! Are we cape able of being free and responsible? Do we deserve to be masters of our own destiny?
We like to be tragic and complaining, why?

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I'm coining a new term in Pakistani Politics today. Media Mafia and thats exactly what it is, not all but currently the majority is, a mafia that extorts money from people, organizations, businesses and in this case even governments, and if they fail to pay up, they will be dragged through the mud in the media. Also like a Mafia they protect and project anyone who pays it. Best analysis on this situation was done in Saddique Jaans video today. I know its already been posted but I will link it at the end of my post anyways.

Pakistan media till date has done nothing positive for the nation . Not run any public awareness campaigns not highlighted enough any good steps taken by any government because only sensationalism sells. It just spreads negativity, doom and gloom. Currently yes there is inflation, petrol prices are high but petrol was even higher at one stage in PMLNs govt, inflation was also at a higher rate. World didn't end in of 2013 and 2014, but but if you listen the media seems like it has.

Media fails to tells us, current govt has cut taxes on petrol from 52% in PMLN govt to 23%. And even then Pakistan has cheaper petrol than its neighbour India. And many many many such things are either not said or merely mentioned in passing.

And now this Govt has dared to end the Media Mafia gravy train, just like the mafia it is now targeting its biggest enemy, just like a don targets a new district attorney or honest police IG who dares to take down the mafia.

For more details watch the video posted below.



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This is well known fact of Media Mafias around the world not only Pakistan.All Shiatanic powers control the countries via medias Mafias.I hardly see any true Media group who reporting truthfully..
Medias will be the leathal weapon for Shiatan followers in coming future..Once..Jang Group Don Meer Khaleel was openly said..No PM.Gov can be formed or down without ours wish..
Just looks back 20 years major wars and that time medias reporting Internationally or will astonish how open lying and deception..falls propoganda was spread via medias Mafias..


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Unfortunately, we are a nation of liars and crook. Taking bribe and giving is the norm in Pakistan. Previous governments have literally destroyed every single government institutions. It will take time to rebuild it again. Media is playing definitely a very negative role, as it is highlighted by Siddique Jan in his video, specially the so-called opinion makers.

Kashif Abbasi shows is just one example, he is consistently trying to say Imran Khan government is incompetent and failed. In his last show, he was literally praising PMLN Khawaja Asif on his show.


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100% agreed with him media is damaging itself badly people detest media intensely, you talk to ever other person and you get the same feed back, media is chor


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I’ve wrote many times that Pakistani media need instability, law n’ order situation to run their programs
Boycott Pakistani media anchors. For better Pakistan.
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