A forum with a shitty user experience


Prime Minister (20k+ posts)
Visiting regularly since 2013
I am using as a primary source of information and news about pakistan for few years now
And i can guarantee you can not match the shitty user experience provided by
Admins are busy in filling their pages with ads and exploiting users by posting crap like urdu point and other shiity webs
No user interface update
No optimisation for mobile users
No mobile app
Even you are scrolling down and you open a link and than go back it will send you to the top and than again you have to scroll down for few minutes to reach where you were
Even facebook login plugin is in development mode and not working for few years
You cannot find a shitty user interface for mobile users will always beat you ;)
Admins are busy in making money filling the web with ads and posting crap half news for directing traffic to their website ;) needs a major overhaul or now its time for a new quality website :)
its ok yaar its free website, love it, enjoy


MPA (400+ posts)
Ads suck on this website and forgot to mention their biased behavior and personal likes/dislikes towards members.Anything against pti and its ministers they would start disliking you and treat your posts different. In actual fact its a pti website but camouflaged with the different name.
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