Shoe Hurled at American Scholar Clifford May in Karachi Uni


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Shoe Hurled at American Scholar Clifford May in Karachi University : Shamful

KARACHI: The culture of throwing shows at opponents has covered a long journey having started from Arab, it has now arrived in Karachi as an un successful bid of hurling shoe at a US scholar was made at Karachi University, Geo news reported.

According to sources, a student hurled shoe at a US scholar, journalist and the president Foundation of US Democracy (FoUSD) Clifford May when he was delivering lecture on democracy but he remained unharmed.

The lecture organizer Monis Ahmer confirmed to Geo news that a student threw a shoe at a US journalist but he escaped unhurt.

He said hurling shoes at guests is a condemnable act and we excused our guest over the incident


MPA (400+ posts)
Already nobody comes to Pakistan and the scholar was there for lecture, and dammit he was a scholar. The student who did such a harm to national image should be severely punished


Dear friends these American scholars and lecturers should lecture American governments not to support the undemocratic regimes and dictator ships but unfortunately they always fail there. Then these so called scholars come here to tell us how to live our lives. How poor we are that we need lectures on democracy, militancy and how to live in a society from them. We should be ashamed of our selves first because they are here to teach us and we are listening to them then throwing shoes on them. Thanks


what a shame for pakistan nation! i feel really sorry for the journalist!
i think illiteracy, hatred and extremism has gone into our roots...v need a leader who takes it out from us and shows us the way just like Musharraf was trying to do! and now v r in the hands of a thug aka mr 10%!!
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