Shahid Nama With Dr. Shahid Masood 21st July 2011 - Gen. Rtd Mirza Aslam Baig


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Mirza is not making any sense. CJ will resign coz the gov. is not obeying him. really? I dont think so. thats a joke. I think dr. is taking him too seriously. But you must have enjoyed mirza's lower body dance in the chair throughout the interview. lol


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In Generals ki aqal gitton mai he hoti hai.....brainwashed idiots with no vision or wisdom. Army has nothing to do with running the country. Yes, Army needs to help right now coz it's Army who has screwed up Pakistan and Pakistanis for half a century. They broke the country once and are likely to break again. Power hungry bloodhounds! They need to wash their sins

Pagal Mirza is saying that Army Chief will announce......why Army chief should announce... idiot.....if it has to be someone who announces on TV, needs to be some civilian and not an Army man. Marial law is not acceptable at any cost, even for 3 days, left alone 90 days...... If such announcement needs to be made it could be by some senior civil official e.g. Chief Election Commissioner. It's not necessary that the person making announcement is running the country as well. It could even be Chief Justice announcing on TV.

In faujion ka dimagh power corrupt he rahay ga....i m still surprized what Mirza said in this!!!!


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Basically Kayani will not do anything coz he works for his american masters....he has been doing it for how and why our people expect him to change his masters? He got extension by USA. He still owes to them. These corrupt generals like Kayani and Musharaf can just do worst for the country. If Kayani is not a bad person, why didn't her resign in May this year? He has already completed his original term and now enjoying the US-gifted extension. Why doesn't he let someone else run Army? No one else is competent?

BTW, even the next in pipeline would already be on US payroll......unfortunately.


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I agree with Mirza on his comments about how Iran has been portrayed by USA. And yes, Iran needs to fix itself and if it has fixed - great. I respect Iran a lot. But it needs some change of foreign policy.


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About this so called dumb general in yesterdays program of bolta pakistan he was right about telling what his other captains use to name him while he was captain that he was "CHA" captain. i should complete that as ****** captain. I dont understand why they take such crap holes in army. Full of $hit. Why dont they try to make themself better as being thekedaar of pakistan. Messing every time and make it more worst. We are better of with out chutya captains theories.


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i dont care what mirza aslam baig says... but if this looter govt carries on for the next 18 months we will be 20 feet under ground and that will be a point of no return,,,,,,,,,,,,,, something should happen to get rid of this govt remaining within constitution........ these goons should go


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Kiyani is not only having USA nod. Mind you he has remained MS to Benazir. He is the one who played active role in finalizing NRO as ISI Chief. He is a Good Military Commander but has his short comings & Involvements / ( Zardari is EVEN bhari on him).
Army /PPP relationship is the only strength of this GOVT. Mirza Aslam Baig is right when he says Army should strengthen JUDICARY & WRIT OF PARLIAMENT less the country will land up into Martial Law. Apperently

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please ab wait na karo ab foage take over karay awam sisak rai hai mar rai hai daya karo kiyani sir please bacaho in zaleem hukmarano say warna ab bohat dair ho jaye gi PLEASE SIR KUCH KARO BAY BUS AWAM KA MAAR MAAR KAR ADHHA PAKISTAN HO GAYA HAI BACHAO AB AUTH KHARAY HO PHIR SAILAB SAY LOGOO KO KUOO BACHAYA


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There is no solution to our problems other than turning to the quran for advice. That is why it was sent. It was not sent to be ignored and just used for ritualism, if you are concerned for yourselves and other run back to the quran and stick to it till it makes sense to you.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the thread I have started for this purpose. Please help find a permanent solution for our problems. Let us be honest with ourselves for once in our life time.


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general is distracting people attention . just tell me what change will army bring.
kya mehangai khatam ho gaey gi

loadshedding khatam ho gaey gi

terrorism khatam ho gaey gi

this is unable to handle 4000 talibans .how will they handle a country??


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Zardari also put some money tag on Kiani same as Katal League, if any one came in front of Zardari he pay his price, after all he has 10 years Jail experience. He knows negative everything.


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The article of Mirza Aslam Baig and then this programme. I think he is working for Army and providing foundation to Army to come and take over. And if this will happen then Mirza Aslam Baig will also get reward in term of a Good Ministry or something like this


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اسلم بیگ صاحب اسے بولتے ہیں جیسے کسی زمانے میں انور بہزاد صاحب پڑھتے تھے
اگر کسی صاحب کو انور بہزاد یاد ہوں تو


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He is moving a lot during the interview. His body language indicates something special. He could not control the passions. and severity of message to Government from Kiani.

It is the very first indication of marshal law.

Definitely , CH. Iftrahar and his team has to resign first , then Marshal Law will be imposed.

In that case , there will be no SC to accept the case against Marshal Law.

But I doubt about Nawaz Shareef.... He could not be sincere by blood.
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