Reham Khan warns PM Khan over Maulana Fazl ur Rehman's Islamabad March

Moula Jutt

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اسکے لئے اتناھی۔
تیری یاد ستائے تے نیندر نہیں آوندی۔
مائی لالچ بڑی بلا ھے۔
سیانا کوا گھوں ھی کھاتا ھے جو آجکل رج رج کے کھا رھی ھے یہ رانڈ


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LOL, she should warn herself not to get near to Mullah Diesel as he will cage her for life ?


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It is no use crying our spilt milk ik is very clever his instinct told him he made a mistake by marrying you and the marriage was dissolved
What are you gaining by your exwife spit as everybody will ignore you and in the their heart of hearts will dispise you as nobody like a spitefull wife barking like a donkey in this society accept the facts and move on with your life
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