Punjab Police inspector, who misbehaved with people and abused the President, suspended


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صدرپاکستان اور شہری کوغلیظ گالیاں دینے والے انچارج انویسٹی گیشن تھانہ گوالمنڈی انور سعید کوایس ایس پی ذیشان اصغر نے معطل کردیا
ا انچارج انوسٹی گیشن کےخلاف سخت کارروائی بھی کی جائے گی ایس ایس پی ذیشان اصغر

یہ تھی وہ ویڈیو جس کی وجہ سے اسکے خلاف کاروائی کی گئی

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Punjab police is bunch of thugs and hooligans and this action is to appease people's opinion. Sahiwal incident is big lesson for public. Nothing is changed and nothing will happen. Abusing president, prime minister is ok because they public servants.


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Koi baat nahi...abhi LHC isko restore kerke promotion de ker SHO bana degi...


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Panjab Police all SHOs.Insepctors.ASI.SPs. 50% should send home immediatly for one years for inquery.with half pay..L HC ya koi Judge bhi stay order dey tu us ke khilaf reference bejha Jaya.Is amal mein agar koi aik do acha officer bhi ragara Jaya tu koi Gunah nahi.High class normal universities ke middle class or lower class ke law..and others
. intelligent youths ko Army se separate training de Kar in ki jagah appoint Kiya Jaya.. Panjab Police ki help karnay Wala dunia mein na saheeh..Akhrat mein lazmi Jahanam mein un ke sath Khara ho ga.Rural Sindh police ka bhi yaheeh hal ha.Jitna Mera Elam ha Deen ke baray mein.Allah swt ki Makhlooq ke sath Kiya howa Zulam o Sitam..ap karoro Hajjs.Rozay.Namazain.Abaadtain

Sadqey.. kheriat.masajids..madarsay bhi bna lein..Allah swt kabhi maaf nahi karay ga.Akhrat mein Muzlom Janay ur Zalam Janey..Is Lia corrupt Hukamran.Judges..Police.Parwaris.mostly direct Jahanam mein jayain gein..Baqi Allah swt bohat Raheem o Kareem ha.


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Fact is, these suspensions take place only because they are out in the open. Otherwise if someone went to the IG directly with this complaint, he would probably be shunned.

Punjab police should be overhauled from the bottom up.


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when any system became cancer..This should be eleminate as soon as possible..Leave a side Mafias supported judges..When these judges come to rescue corrupt police or bearucracy.. only highlight this judge wrong verdict in social medias.nothing you can do else..
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