Punjab Food Authority seals shop of Gourmet Bakery after Siasat.pk notice


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I dont know should i appreciate the shahbaz gill tweet, he should aoologize and make a system that could stop bakers playing with public health instead of gimicries like khazeer SS.


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Bhaye he is ex beaurucrate retired as addil. IG to kon hath dalay ga aisoan pa
Yes i am talking about zubair nawaz chattah
Ex PSO to shahbaz sharif

You can google him


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why only close one shop they should fine the company and raid their other shops also.


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وہ تھرڈ کلاس میٹرک فیل پہلے سے ہی بہت بکواس کرتا تھا آج تو اسے موقع مل جائیگا۔
I dont know k tv pa bakwas karta ha against PTI govt amd IK or last 2 months ma CM ko mil chuka ha basharam kahi ka


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This is bullshit. Punjab Food Authority should have caught them themselves because it is their fucking job.

Shehbaz Gill tweets it and then they take action.

This is the Banana Republic. If a government official tweets, of course action would be taken.

What about the rest of shitty restaurants that Mr Shehbaz Gill and siasat.pk admin aren't tweeting about?

You know who should be punished? The Punjab Food Authority minister for not doing his job.
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