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PPP steals masks donated By Jack Ma to Pakistan!

Sonya Khan

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Murad Ali Shah has so much ‘farigh’ time on hands to receive donation personally and do photo op ..... Bilawal has literally belittled himself by doing politics on donations and aid ..... we should keep a track of the supply somehow ....


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in earthquake and flood, all donations were stolen and sold in market
same will happen now
nothing will change
it was better if ali baba gave to chinese embassy and then gave it to all the ngo or themselves distributed


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these snakes (jiyalas) and rats (patwaris) are the worst creatures on this planet. They are the most selfish and worthless pieces of sh!t and certified liars. Mr. Jack Ma has sent aid to many countries in Asia and these losers have actually claiming it was for Sindh govt when in fact this aid was for the whole country. These looters of earthquake aid before and benefiting rich people under BIS program should be tried and given exemplary punishments. And all the pimps on social media who try to spread fake news should also be arrested, their faces painted black and have them ride donkeys. Durja-e-awwal ke kunjjar.

Jack Ma


Go Asia! We will donate emergency supplies (1.8M masks, 210K test kits, 36K protective suits, plus ventilators & thermometers) to Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Laos, Maldives, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan & Sri Lanka. Delivering fast is not easy, but we'll get it done!


12:38 AM - Mar 21, 2020
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