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Leave him alone, let him enjoying his back stabber boys, why should anyone worry about his marriage, so what if he is a khusrra's leader.


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Yeh sawaal to humain jason se poochna chaiye, matlab had hai aise neech kaam me gora hi use hua? pakistani larkay mar gaye the?


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Free alcohol, hangovers, bisexual friends and a girl called Boozie Suzie ... inside the student life of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari

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The Evening Standard
His antics at Oxford University would shock people in Pakistan awaiting Bilawal Bhutto Zardari's return to take over the political dream shaped by his murdered mother Benazir.
The 19-year-old's preparation for his role in one of the world's strictest Muslim states has certainly been unconventional.

Orthodox Muslims will be surprised to see the new leader of the Pakistani People's Party with his arms slung casually around two girls, one of whom declares herself as "bisexual" on a social networking website.

Conversations he has with friends on Facebook make reference to being hungover, his friendship with a girl he calls "Boozie Suzie" and the joys of "free alcohol".

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Monster's ball: Bilawal and friends in fancy dress for an Oxford University Hallowe'en event
There is no evidence that Bilawal drinks alcohol – but he was certainly living it up with his two female friends at a raucous black-tie party thrown by a student drinking society.
Bilawal had been enjoying the freedom of his first year at Oxford before he was named as his mother's successor after her assassination last month.

It was all a far cry from the country of his birth, which is bound by strict Muslim customs where drinking is forbidden, homosexuality is illegal and male and female friendships carefully controlled.
Bilawal and the girls were dressed up for the annual Cardinals' Cocktails event where, for a £10 entrance fee, students can drink as many cocktails as they can stomach.

The Cardinals is an exclusive all-male society favoured by the wealthiest undergraduates at Christ Church, Bilawal's college at Oxford.
They hold the event for non-members once a year to raise money for a lavish dinner to be enjoyed by their privileged members at a Michelin-starred restaurant.

Only a handful of Christ Church students are allowed to join each year and they are initiated by being forced to down a bottle of port followed by eight pints of beer.

Bilawal and his friends were among hundreds of other students – not Cardinal members – at the bash this year.
Fortunately for him, his father, Asif Ali Zardari, has announced his son is too young to take power and that he will maintain day-to-day control of the party while Bilawal continues his studies.
Bilawal, who arrived at Christ Church in September to read history, grew up in Dubai after his mother left Pakistan for a self-imposed exile in 1999.

At Oxford he has not been seen at the student Islamist Society, eschewing the social events, at which only soft drinks are served.
One senior society member said: 'He doesn't come to any of our events.' He has chosen instead to spend his time with gregarious new friends.
Two of the girls to whom he is particularly close, as our pictures show, are described on Facebook as being "engaged" to each other – Julia Caterina Hartley and Kirini Kopc

Sara Khandan he kuhch dodgy lag raha hay:


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Simply because "Gay Marriage" is not allowed in Pakistan.
Same Sex Marriage is not constitutionally allowed in Pakistan.

And Samajhdaar... Maqool people know already that since the breakdown with Gul Khan ...'Billo Rani' ( Bilawal Zardari) is secretly engaged with 'Shaikh Rashid'....
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