PM Imran Khan announces forming high-powered commission to probe corruption of last 10 years - Complete Address

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No, you mentioned that the only reason he was made General was that he was a Muslim.

"And Khalid Bin Waleed was only made general after he accepted Islam. Not while he was a pagan!"

I think it is fair to assume that Muhammad was a man of above average intelligence even by today's standards. He allowed Pagan prisoners of war to teach Muslim children - if they are qualified to - for their freedom. I think he would have no problem employing pagans in the army if he saw a benefit in it for Muslims.

Many scientists during Islamic Golden Age were rationalists and did not believe in Quran, but they were allowed to work in high engineering positions and make weapons of war for Muslim armies.
You are confusing my "Only made after" with your own interpretation of "only because he became"


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You can't stand against the Mullah where they are right now. It'll always result in a bitter confrontation as he won't understand your language!

He is taking the right steps to pave a way for dialogues with Mullah by first getting them to agree to enroll non-Islamic subjects in Madrassa curriculum! Maybe in 5-7 years time, when you two will be able to talk in a similar language then Mullah will be open to novel ideas he was previously closed to!

Khalid Bin Waleed defeated Muslims in battle of Uhad, Muhammad made him a General in his army based on merit. What did Imran Khan do with Atif Mian?

Watch how a real captain and leader stands up for his team. I want Imran Khan to stand up for his team and for what is right against Mullahs in the same way.


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Last 10 Years corruption..OMG..phir tu aik Tabbar least 50 Billionier Tabbars should ready to gives corrupt money back or ready for Jail Yatra...


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Not a single commission has ever produced result. Waste of time and effort. MBS formula should be applied to extort the looted money. That is the commission or whatever you call it.
White collar crimes, the older they are, the harder they are to link them with these crooks. That'd just put the whole accountability process in a limbo. I'd rather he takes care of the past 10 years first.
its because he has no balls to challenge the corruption of army generals including Musharaf and his sister


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its because he has no balls to challenge the corruption of army generals including Musharaf and his sister
Parrot away the line that's been crammed in your thick head by your benefactors like the idiot that you are. Even if Aleema is corrupt, her wealth is peanuts compared to what najayaz shareer and pseudobhutto has embezzled.
Musharraf's crimes are forgivable to an extent. All he did was let your leaders back, the bald and stupid nawaz and his bitch of a foe known as Benazir, the long deceased cuntbag.
Dollar went from 56 yo 60 between 1999 and 2001. Don't give a fuck about democrazy if it means settling for Nawaz and Zardari.
So in short your retort is that of a defeated man with no moral compass and since I'm allergic to bullshit and you're giving away the vibes of that of an evangelically shameless freak of nature from the sub human specie of PhatwarioJihala unelecticus, I'm going to put you on ignore.
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