Pakistan decides to challenge India's initiatives relating to IOK in ICJ


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پھر آزما لو عالمی انصاف کو جو پہلے ہی منافقت کی روح سے فیصلے کرتا ہے
یہاں سے پہلے یہ نکلا تھا

یہ جو دہشت گرد کو لٹکا نہ سکے وہ کشمیر کو سمجھیں گے کیا؟
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It is the right thing to do. It will justify our actions in the future. We would be able to tell the world that we approached you before we took any action and you remained silent.
So, what did Pakistan get from Yadav's case and un-provoked air strikes in Balakot. Show me the evidence?


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So, what did Pakistan get from Yadav's case and un-provoked air strikes in Balakot. Show me the evidence?
What do you mean by Yadav's case? Yadav was arrested in Pakistan. India took it to the ICJ, not Pakistan. Pakistan had to fight the case anyway. Isn't that obvious??? Are you a 10 years old kid???
Pakistan got the right to attack back from the unprovoked air strikes in Balakot by India. Did we not take action??? Did the world object to our action??? No!!! Because they knew we were justified to reply back.
Why such silly questions?


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Mark my words...banya sirf danday ke zaban samjhta hay. Try diplomatic first if nothing than danda dooo in ko...personslly I think political is waste of time...whole nation wants to finish it and this is the opportunity.

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If PMIK is able to build the case of IOK effectively, however mighty India seems to be it has more to lose than gain in this issue in both; medium and longer term.

What options do they have; keep 1million man army in the region and yet convince the world that has nothing to do with oppression. Hard to sell argument in the backdrop of existing situation - even $220B trade with P5 will not be able to save it as country with $20B has less stake and potential collateral damage it can cause to others' interest (both political and economic) is the lever that can be effectively used to cut India to size.

India is no China or for that matter Israel, India has too many fronts to fight from Tripura to Nagalim to Assam to Khalistan to Kashmir to Laddakh to the impact it will have of looming global economic recession and since the upcoming summit of Indo-China in October and UNGA in September it has not many effective tools to handle its flip flop duplicity from involving UN for (Masood Azhar) but not involving UN when it does violation of UN Resolutions itself.

It is believing and behaving like US - which fortunately or unfortunately with seismic issues it has and will be facing, India never will be a super power and its delusion of being one has put it in a situation where it will have lesser options than its arch rival countries in the region.
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