Pakistan blocks $600 million Indian exports to Afghanistan, claims Afghan media

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باکستان بینالاکوانی قوانین کے تحت افگانستان کو زمین کے راستے جانے والے سامان کو روک نہیں سکتا.
افغانستان لینڈ لاک کنٹری ہے.

ہاں البتہ اس سامان کو چیک کرنے کے لئے ٹرکوں کو روک سکتا ہے.
کیونکہ استعمال کی اشیا کے علاوہ کسی چیز کو پاکستان کے راستے نہیں بھیجا جا سکتا.

Well, India has already set this precedent. They blocked Nepalese goods for months.
Pakistan can certainly do it. It is not stopping Afghans imports from other countries using our ports. Just ban the Indians.


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pakistan must support Taliban as much as possible . They are our best friends and Brothers in Afghanistan. They are the one who will get rid of Indians in Afghanistan.


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Request to all Pakistanis living in the country or abroad to read the label on the product they buy and boycott ALL Indian made/originated products, and support you own country by patronizing 'Made in Pakistan' products. Generally Pakistani products are of much better quality than the Indian products anyway.
I always buy shan masala, achaar and dawn rozi. I am doing my job. ☺


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NO one has mentioned that Pakistan has not banned all things Bollywood, except in few places. Is that too much to sacrifice ? Can Pakistani's actually survive without their weekly dose of all the shit that comes from Bollywood ? How much money do they make from film after film.


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Hopefully sense will prevail in India and they will stop doing their own damage with such gimmicks.
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