Orya Maqbool Jaan angry on the CJ about the Birth Control Issue


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It is a big conundrum. There is a massive population bomb in Pakistan already and on the other hand if you don't have children then who will look after the old and work to sustain the country.

catch 22.


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لو جی کر لو گل ،اب اس پہ تنقید کریں تو ہمارے اوپر لبرل ہونے کا الزام لگ جاتا ہے۔ حلانکہ ایسے لوگوں کا نا صرف پروگرام بین ہونا چاہیے بلکہ اس کو جیل میں ڈالنا چاہئیے لنگڑو کے ساتھ۔


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The real issue, the worst issue, the humanity faces today is not population growth.
It is uneven distribution of wealth. 1% of the world owns 82% of the wealth.

Even if somehow you make it, 1% of the world owning 50% of the wealth, there will be no poverty in the world.
The same countries that are telling their population to have less kids.
Population decline is much more scarier than population growth.

Why Chinese Government issue policies on population control.? Earth Resources are not unlllimited. On the other hand An awful truth is ,it is harder to control overpopulation in poor countries in developed countries 1/3 of pregnancies are unwanted.Its mainly due to the lack of sex education and unavailability of contraceptive products.


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Maut dainay wala bhi Allah he hy iska ye matlab tou nahi k main subko zehar day don aur Allah k zindagi dainay ka wait karoon? Har cheez Allah he krta hy, bemaar ko dawai naa diya karay ye kyun k bemaar Allah krta hy. Jahil insan.

Urdu speaking

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یہ خدا کی کتاب قرآن کو مس انٹرپٹ تو کرتا ہی کرتا تھا پر آج تو اس نے یورپ سے بغض میں اسی ایسی کونسپرسی تهیورس پڑھیں کہ میں تو دنگ رہے گیا ....اس کی پیداش کے وقت اس کے ماتا پتا برتھ کنٹرول کرلیتے تو آج اس کا وجود ریاست پر بوجھ نہیں ہوتا


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He is so dumb and should be banned from spreading fake facts
On Europe women get a full paid maternity leave when they r pregnant
In Canada everything new born child gets funds from govt
Most medicines have side effects


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یہ بندہ ذہنی طالبان ہے.

choran bechhta hai yeh pain de siri qabiley ka banda ,He is instigator like Zaid hamid aka lal topi wala balongra. He should be put with Khadim pain de siri with some vaseline and lock them for 2 days, he will be fine after that Khadim abuse


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Population growth is a serious problem of most of the cities in Pakistan excluding Karachi. According to the last census Karachi despite being the port city its population did not grow as much.
According to the last census Lahore population has doubled in 19 years. ( compare to the census of 1998 and 2017).
Karachi population did not double between the same period.
Lahore population increased from 5,143,495 to 11,126,285 , i.e. the rise of over nearly 6 million people in 19 years. But Karachi population rose from 9,339,023 to 14,910,352. It means it rose to 5 and a half million people in the same period.
(Much less than Lahore).
Even though Karachi is a business hub of Pakistan, the port city, people from all part of Pakistan migrate to Karachi regularly instead of Lahore, but Lahore population is increasing faster than Karachi according to the last census.
Why do we need to worry about population control in Karachi then ?
(The data has been collected from Pakistan Bureau statistics website. http://www.pbscensus.gov.pk/)


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he has gone mentally retard
i think he is upset that he was not invited to the event, he is a self proclaimed preacher and scholar


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time has come to ban this idiot from TV
he is fooling people by using religion and screaming on tv to sound like he is right
and he is turning anti state
first he supported rizvi who wants to kill judges and army chief
now he is abusing court and govt on this forum on family planning
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