On the Political Impasse in Afghanistan


MPA (400+ posts)
What a damning press release where America has BLASTED the Kabul regime to shreds. Read every single word of it carefully and be shocked at how enraged America is at Afghanistan and what strong language it has used against that country's leaders. Mike Pompeo is in Kabul right now.

Hussain Nadim says "This has to be the single most important press release by the US Govt on Afghanistan since 9/11. It appears that every passing day, the US is beginning to understand Pakistan's anxiety over Afghanistan."


Sonya Khan

Minister (2k+ posts)
In other words ..... Pack your bags puppets and leave ..... And since US foresees Taliban govt so doesn’t want any future money to be going to them .... hence the cut ..... Kabul blast today on Sikhs screams of RAW - NDS job ..... lets see what Taliban have to say about it ....
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