Number 1 CM in action against flooding in interior Sindh...


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What is the fuss all about. Murad Ali Shah is the CM and is doing his job absolutely fine. He has timely called the gutter cleaning experts from Punjab to come and do their job. The gutter cleaning expert company is doing its job. I’m sure you all know who the gutter cleaning experts are by the way 😄

yankee babu

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... From a helicopter

While army helps people on the ground in interior sindh... little fatty faggot no where to be seen as usual

Pakistan Army carries out relief operation in flood-stricken Dadu district

Subhan Allah Kal bhi Army maujood thi Aaj bhi Army Zinda hein Sab ko mera dua aur Salaam Pak Army zindabad.


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Where is the Chairwoman & Item Number of PPP who has been selected by his mother's will & who can not talk without a parchi. 🤪 Miss Billo Rani Zardari.
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