No one dares to contact me for a deal | Maryam Nawaz Media Talk Today | 20 July 2019


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Deal would be as begged by sharifs
Period abroad equal to punishment period with no politics.
Confessional video 😂
And return looted money
Maryam ia not accepting Confessional video as she may not be able to lie in future


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میرے لیے راستہ نکالا جائے:مریم
ق سے قانون اور قطری اپنا راستہ خود بناتا ہے
مقتدر حلقے


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iss kutia ki itni auqat hi nehi ke iss se deal ki jaay. iss ka kia pata jo aik chaukidar ko apni hawas ke liay istemal kerti rehi oos per aitbaar kon kere ga????


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I never heard from her saying we or some one's name that he has done this or arranged this. she always self surrounded, self appreciating and self bragging.
Rally I have arranged, I am saying this, I will do this, I ask the judiciary, I I I or NAWAZ SHARIF & NAWAZ SHARIF with bunch of brain less ready to die for HER and HER CHOOR FATHER, knowing that they want their personal wealth protected, they will never spend a paisa on awam from their pockets, they will loot ARAB and KHARUB but will pay tax from few thousands, to be used for awam or country.
This shameless girl has said that Imran Khan cannot go or talk by him self ? Wow she can still see her fathers meetings with any head of state and compare it with Imran Khan, bet they will never admit any negative what they have done or still doing they will keep lieing and will fight to protect crime and criminals.


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Zahir hai iski hrr raat ki Deal Qatri saay yaa Qatri ki Marzi saay decide Hoti hai aur Dalaali Aik Nutfa e hram Safdaer Chowkidaar Pndraa Hazari wasool krta hai aur aik achhay aur Emandaar Pimp ki duty day raha hai aur aggr Gushti Frari Qatri saay htt krr koi deal krti hai to yeh Dalla Safder apnay Qatrion Malikon ko poori poori khabbr daitaa hai

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Jaib ich nai ek dhela, te ker kerdi mela mela.
Deal un se hoti hai jin ke pass koi maal ho. Saray maal ke uper to babloo aur dabloo qabiz hain


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Let lo gal keh rahi hie mujie sie kissi nie rabta nahi ki for deal. Aqal ki anhi deal Tim ko chahir na kie government ko.
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