MNA & MPA's have such poor salaries that they are forced to do corruption - Sethi

Imran the legend

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One corrupt guy seti is backing another corrupt mafia. Politicians are not poor they are from rich familes And they greedy want to make more money by doing less work. Life time houses health and do what they want on the side. Seti has made millions he’s rich why he does corruption?
The problem is not salary’s the institutions are corrupt and incompetence same like police judiciary millions worth plots health perks drivers foreign trips. Pakistan needs Presidential system


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It does not make sense. When these political people contest elextion, they knew about their salary package just like any person who took job he informed by employer about salary and still they sign contract then why would cry afterward. If motive is only to make money then they should invest in business instead for election. They are elected by people whom they have to work for them instead for their asses. That's it.


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Sethi sahib!
These people contest elections after donating millions in party funds and spending millions in elections. Till date contesting an election needs around 100millions per seat only during election days.
They dont need millions in salaries.


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This makes sense. What do you guys think???
No it dont make sense they knew before contesting that the salary is low plus even if you increase their pay to 1 billion they will do corruption, they are khanzeers who have habit to eat haram.

Birinci Ferik

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Get some common sense pills......At least from your Legal Wife Jugnu

An average contest of MNA is costing 250-300 Million (25-30 Crore). This bonehead is saying that someone invest this much money to get a 200,000/month salary. Even if the salary is 1,000,000/month and MNA remains MNA for 5 years then still its 60 Million (6 Crore).... Why such a bad deal. Salary and perks and privileges are actual decoy. Corruption is the main motive.
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