Maulana Fazl ur Rehman warns Pak Army - "you are behind this mess"


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This fuzla should be behind bars for talking against the army.
Yaar iss koe apnae pait looting corruption kee pureeh hae laikin itna baewaqoof insaan hae allah kae baad humaree country fauj kee wujah sae mulk safe hae isskoe putta rukh kae itnaa selfish statement bohut hee evil orr neech aadmi. I agree we Or somebody need to do something for Pakistan and delete these pig politicians judges n anchors.


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کاش ان جنرلز کی جگہ کوئی مرد کے بچے ہوتے تو اس گشتی زاد کی زبان کھینچ اس خنزیری کتے کی پچھواڑے میں ڈال دیتے مگر جہاں بروتھل اور دوبئی سپلائی پر پروموشنز ہوتی ہوں وہاں مردانگی ناپید ہوتی ہے


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Had he mentioned the word Army, recently passed bill would have been enough to get him penalized...

Still. It should be possible, at what he was hinting to say..
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