Maryam Nawaz Will be Allowed to Leave Pakistan ?


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Nani 420 Maryam Safdar gifted her Virginity ( was she really a Virgin at that point of time is a big debate altogether) to a Boot .....Chokidar Safdar....

Became illegitimate mother of a love child from a Boot...Chokidar Safdar.

Got pardon from Boot (Gen Raheel) for her alleged involvement in Dawn leak case.

She is in silent mode month after months to please the Boots....

Maryam Safdar should be Allowed to Leave Pakistan......after all instead of Vote she is giving 'Ijjat' to Boots.....😊

Citizen X

President (40k+ posts)
Ofcourse she will go. Jub tak Lohar court aur lohari judges mujood hai by hook or by crook, Sharifon ko insaaf milay ga
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