Maryam Nawaz Should Give Proof & Receipts To NAB Instead Of PLMN Protest

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These big Sharif family criminals use there junior Pmln mpa, mna, local smugglers, tax defaulters, criminals to protect for them and not hold them accountable for there money laundering. These Pmln fools do they not understand they are the biggest losers of Pmln corruption without jobs, Schools, hospitals, justice, no dams, no electricity, no gas.
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LoL if she had any proof, why would she do this drama?
Wese iski bhi sari zindagi dramay karte hi nikal gai


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After recent observation of Supreme Court of Pakistan regarding NAB being used as an instrument of political vandetta in the hands of a egostic bastard Prime Minister, there remains absolutely no legitmacy to any of NAB cases

This is what Abba Ji was desperately trying to say Nikka from last one year
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