Malaysian PM visiting Pakistan on March 23, says Foreign Minister Qureshi


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Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad will visit Pakistan on March 23, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said Friday.

An investment delegation will also be accompanying the Malaysian prime minister, Qureshi said in Multan.

The foreign minister said that Prime Minister Imran Khan will leave for Qatar on January 22. Qatar has promised to give 100,000 jobs to Pakistanis, he added.

Qureshi remarked that Pakistan sought help from friendly countries to restore the economy.

Saudi Arabia had given Pakistan a package of $12 billion, China provided $2 billion and the UAE announced $3 billion for the country, the foreign minister said.

Qureshi said that more job opportunities will be created for the people if the country’s economy is restored and investment poured in.


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Now this will be a big test of diplomacy for this government ---
It will be interesting to see as to how it will keep a balance in its relationships with Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and Turkey at a given time?
Hope for the best!
I think so far, Pakistan is doing pretty good. They should be ok as long as they don't poke their nose in any countries internal matters, except to help clear the differences they already have, to promote harmony and brotherhood among them.
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