Main Quaid-e-Azam Ko Nahi Maanta, Mera Leader Nawaz Sharif Hai- PMLN Supporter


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کہتا ہے انگلی چاہیے وہ دیگا کمر چاہیے وہ دیگا یہ کمر سے تھوڑا نیچے کہنا چاہتا تھا مگر گل خان کو دیکھ کر رک گیا


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Nawaz shareef ko tere jisem ka siref aik hisaa chiee... tera pichawara... jitna pichwara patwarino ka isetmal howa hee kissi gashti ka bhee nahe3 howa ho ga


I really appreciate this person since he is speaking the truth, what he really thinks. Many of our leaders and their followers think in the same way but they don't have courage to express themselves publicly.

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Saat mein yeh bhi bol dey de, ke mein apnay abbay ko nahi maanta mera abba bhi Nawaz Sharif hai

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I'm sure there is a special hallucinogenic ingredient mixed into "Keema Naans" that make normal people want to "finger" their leaders. That's what he said, no jokes.

But I'm sure Mohammad Ali Jinnah must've known there will be imbeciles amongst his people and he might've predicted a future leader like Imran Khan would set them all straight, one by one, faction by faction, naan by naan!
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