Kasur case: PMLN MPA flees escaping aggressive questioning by the public

Dr Adam

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Oye Yazeedi Qasim Ye To Hand Ho Gaya Tere Saath Gaye The PTI Ko Gandhe Karne Khud Maar Kha Kar Aagaye

Lynching them is the only solution left now. Saaray qasoori khassi niklay jo yeh harami inkay beech mein say nikal ker jaati mujray mein panah laynay kay leeay farar ho gaya!

Tyrion Lannister

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qasoor ke bachu ka qasor ye hai ke qasoor ki awam beghairat hai jo itna kuch krwa ke bhi cowk pe is mpa to taang nahi saki


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I don't see the media team of haram kabaria tubbar, or peepeepee marxist dallay! The media who was against him too. clearly they were defending the people behind this!
Sir it is pretty much clear now that this is not a crime of one man show or single person this all is happening by a Sex Mafias who are doing this and then selling their porn clips to DArk Web
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