Jawad Ahmed enlightens the nation about difference between Imran Khan and Edhi


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Abdus Sattar Edhi and Adeeb Rizvi are real human heroes of Karachi rather Pakistan rather Whole human kind.
No comparison of IK with them they never political.
IK is comparable with NS n AZ
IK will be considered as King of Accountability.
Hope after his era Pakistan will be a Corruption free country if keeps this pace for 3 years.


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دکھاوےبازعمران خان اورعبدالستار ایدھی میں فرق

IK is being compared with Abdul Sattar Eidhi & the verdict is that IK is not a better philanthropist than Eidhi sahib. But at least IK tried & is still trying. Did he ever claim to be like Eidhi? Is it a rule that each & every philanthropist has to be as good as Eidhi or else do nothing at all? Has Jawad Ahmed or anyone else done anything in life to be even remotely considered to be compared to Eidhi?


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Hahahahaha... lolzzzz ye bechara awinee apnee value barhane ke liee koi na koi bakwas kerta rehta hee... shied iss ko ye ghalat fehmi he ke somebody will take him seriously. Aur ye 2 nuber ka scholor kutab minar bhee bus isee kisem ke logno ke pechee pherta hee... yahee auqat he iss ke. Kabhee ayesha gulalli, kabhee reham tu kabhee jawad.


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Jawad Ahmad apna ghar aur Jaedaad ghareebo k naam kar k phir yeh batay karay toh osmay torha boht wazan aajaega, lakin filhal oska yeh comparison sirf oski zehni pasti aur cheap publicity stunt hi hai.

There is no comparison between Edhi and Imran khan. They both have had different lifestyle and different goals in lives. Both done equally great for the country and humanity in their own capacity, but such tweets only tells you about the mental situation of someone.

Just like Hazrat Usman can't be compared with Hazrat Umar aur Hazrat Abu bakkar. One was wealthy and had legal money of which he would spend immensely on the poor as well, while the laters didn't have constant wealth but were constantly giving their input(through wealth and service) for the well being of humanity.


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He is right to an extent, land reforms are sorely needed as well as putting more taxation on the elite and provide relief to the common man ...
But his attitude is negative and negativity is not allowing him to succeed in his other noble missions which fuel his hatred against PTI , Imran Khan ..
I wish he would revisit his thinking and try to positively address the problems he feels need attention ...


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jb iski besti hui thi i was against it but ab is ka maar khanay ka irada hai(jo k sahee nhi) yeh tried and tested rulers ko chor k IK k peechay pra hua hai

Billo Rani

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Is kuttay ko patwari arain aur real arain mein farak patta hai? Farak yeh hai ke dono Edhi aur IK patwari arain nahi thay.


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Edhi : Goal was Social SERVICE, and he was great at it. May Allah bless his soul.
IK : Goal is Social CHANGE (through the power of Govt). Much bigger (and logical) goal. If he succeeds, our nation will not need Edhi(s), InshaAllah.


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دکھاوےبازعمران خان اورعبدالستار ایدھی میں فرق

Hafeez Sahib
Thanks for promoting a great leader like Jawwad Ahmed. I hope now PMLN will elect him their next president after Shareef family moved to Adyala Jail.
Even if Abdul Sattar Edhi had tried to expose corruption, u will make him example. Means anyone going to challenge kingship of corrupts, people like u will be having problem.
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