Jab barish aata hai tou zada paani aata hai | PM Imran Khan makes fun of Bilawal Zardari


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Hijra Billo Rani, before you are born, IK was an international celebrity, a superstar.

He was "world Best" not one but in three different categories at different times in the sports of Cricket.
Best first bowler, Best allrounder & Best Captain.

Billo Rani your only pehchaan is you are the grandson of Z A Bhutto, who was a bootlicker of Gen. Ayub Khan & who broke Pakistan into two pieces.

And the son of Benazir Zardari, the traitor who secretly handed over the list of Khalistan activists to Rajib Gandhi.

And the son of Zardari the infamous Mr 10%, the notorious money launderer & the architect of Memogate.


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I think IK should not give this billo khusrii this much importance... yee iss qabil nahee ke iss ko mention bhee kia jaiee
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