Is Imran Khan responsible for Pakistan's economic crisis or Nawaz Sharif? - Mufti Tariq Masood explains


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100% correct.

However, i don't think Mufti knows that Imran Khan lied through his teeth, broke his promises and took more loans on Riba that overshadow the previous governments and then went down on his knee to suck the IMF money like there's no tomorrow and takes dictation from them.

So not a single person is doing anything good for this country. Because the next government that comes will have to give back not only the previous two governments loans but also Imran Khan's loans.

When Imran Khan was given the government, everything was in a far better condition and all he had to do was not take anymore loans and just reduce the government expenses and we would've been viable.

Now when Imran Khan leaves this government, Pakistan will be in a condition that it has never been and will be the Congo of Asia
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