India's move to not to sell tomatoes and onions to Pakistan is actually a conspiracy against its Sikh farmers - Fawad Ch


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A good incentive for Pakistan to produce more of their own foods. Why on earth are we buying vegetables from India when there is plenty of agricultural land in Pakistan?
If you are going to import food then do not import from an enemy country.

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یہ ابھی ہمارا ٹائم ہے...انکا میڈیا جتنا روتا ہے خدا کی قسم ہمارا دل خوشی سے پاش پاش ہوجاتا ہے ..... لگاتے رہے گاؤ متائیوں کی دھوتی میں چنگاریہ


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Pakistan has plenty of land .Why doesn't it grow its own tomatoes?.In UK we grow lots of vegetables in our gardens.There is no shortage of vegetables in UL.People love gardening.They plants flowere and grow vegetables as a hobby.


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The Hindus are creating rifts economic hurdles with every community of India who's not Hindu!!


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ویسے ٹماٹر نہ ہونے سے سالن کا رنگ شاید اتنا سرخ نہ ہو اور پیاز نہ ہونے سے شاید خوشبو زیادہ نہ ہو لیکن سالن کا مزا پھر بھی کم نہ ہو گا
سو گو فک یوئر سیلف انڈیا


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Sikhoo koo hii Maraa hai Modi nay...Indian forces Inside job in Kashmir...Agar investigation hoo gai tu Sikh logoo koo lag pata jaigaa kai Inn kai bhaiyoo koo kiss nay boom sai maraa hai....SIkhoo kai sath Modi nay bhouth Zulum kiyaa hai....

Nadir Bashir

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Tomato and Onions are being imported.
What a shame?

Any agricultural product being imported is a big shame.........................
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