Imran Khan's govt. is going to pledge Karachi Airport for debt - Rauf Klasra


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An addict has become PM due to gullible Youthias and boots, thats what addicts do.

What the addict did? Shage you. You schmuck . The addict has given much more to the country than the your gullible leaders who got the govt 4 times. It is useless to Speak to you. Za wrak sha mara. And by the way I would love to see you compete with this Addict of 67 in physical health. I would love to be an addict like him.


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I think
then i think it is best to vote for PPP in next election. Bilawal will be the answer to all Pakistan problems especially water issue

I think you are underestimating bilawal forget pk water issues he has the ability to solve the world water problems.

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What is wrong is leveraging or selling unused govt property of billions when it is doing no good to the nation and just sitting there.
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