I am afraid that PTI can even poison Nawaz Sharif - Siddique-ul-Farooq


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اوئے کھوتے۔۔۔حکومت ایسا کرکے ہاتھ لگنے والا خزانہ کھونا چاہے گی۔۔؟


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is ulu key pathe corruption haram kha kha key eik jutha
why dont you return the money you swindled from the enemy trust
wait till you reacg your lord you will have to account for every nawazu ka chamcha

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Pmln has a very notorious back ground...they do not mind killing citizens or attacking on supreme court or raping of a woman.....now pmln is planning to kill NS by giving poison.....and they already started blaming pti.
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