How K Electric front offices are meeting their foot fall targets

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We live in a bungalow as an attached/extended family and we decided to install an extra meter in our house so that our electricity bill is segregated from the relatives on the ground floor.

After going to the nearest front office for our connection (civic centre), the form that we printed out was useless and we had to take a form from there that consisted of matter which needs to be printed on a 100 rupee stamp paper. Since we were early grown ups and we were never introduced to documentation process, the officer took this an opportunity to not to guide us where we can find the stampers (which we later discovered were located right behind the front office). As well as, two guarantors were needed to cause some more inconvenience.

Anyways, day two; we somehow managed to get along with the stampers after saving ourselves from fraudsters who tried selling us their fake services. After filling the form, we went to the front office and upon submission, we were informed that the application must be filed in the name of our mother since she is the owner of the house, although the current connection is on our father's name (the officer made the excuse that he must have later changed it). After a session of arguments and requests, the officer refused saying it is not the policy of K Electric and I can't do anything about it.

Third visit, we went with our new form and new stamp paper. And this time the officer tried to make a fuss on the paid bill that was not the last one but two months old. However, after we shouted on him and told him that his colleague said us that older bill is acceptable, then only he accepted the bill. While later on, this visit also came out to be useless since we forgot our mother's original NIC. So again after a session of arguments and requests (even with the managers behind), we were no longer facilitated and were sent back.

Fourth visit, our application was accepted and we came home assuming that the team shall visit for the survey. What rather happens is that the next day, the officer calls and asks for our mother's old NIC, so we went to submit the old NIC as well. Next day, he again calls and asks for an "older NIC" that was registered in the documents of our house. So we went there again taking our mothers oldest NIC after searching for it crazily (total number of visits=6, despite our busy schedules). The next thing we get to know is that since there is an error on the property papers and two digits from do not match with the NIC number, the application is finally rejected and the case is closed until we rectify the mistake in our property papers.

Hence, K Electric front office staff is meeting its footfall targets by causing inconvinience to its customers (later confirmed by a former employee of KE, who is a relative) and KE is supporting them by making policies that ensure the worst experiences ever (coming to this conclusion after encountering several other cases who were furious over the staff's attitude).

Following are the two managers of the front office who rudely refused to help when we requested them during the third and fifth visit:

Sufian ul Islam:




Although these two individuals are to be blamed for creating a culture that causes trouble for customers but also K Electric is big time responsible that if it doesn't encourage the use of tapping meter, why would it mislead its customers anyways by making them go through the bogus process?

So after witnessing an era of K Electric's pathetic load shedding, overbilling issues and now such anti consumer attitude/policies, it won't be wrong to call K Electric, the godfather of public service department, which is making its customers suffer because of the monopoly it has.


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