Henry Kissinger: "If You Can't Hear the Drums of War You Must Be Deaf"


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NEW YORK - USA - In a remarkable admission by former Nixon era Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, reveals what is happening at the moment in the world and particularly the Middle East.

Speaking from his luxurious Manhattan apartment, the elder statesman, who will be 89 in May, is all too forward with his analysis of the current situation in the world forum of Geo-politics and economics."The United States is bating China and Russia, and the final nail in the coffin will be Iran, which is, of course, the main target of Israel. We have allowed China to increase their military strength and Russia to recover from Sovietization, to give them a false sense of bravado, this will create an all together faster demise for them. We're like the sharp shooter daring the noob to pick up the gun, and when they try, it's bang bang. The coming war will will be so severe that only one superpower can win, and that's us folks. This is why the EU is in such a hurry to form a complete superstate because they know what is coming, and to survive, Europe will have to be one whole cohesive state. Their urgency tells me that they know full well that the big showdown is upon us. O how I have dreamed of this delightful moment."

Mr Kissinger then added: "If you are an ordinary person, then you can prepare yourself forwar by moving to the countryside and building a farm, but you must take guns with you, as the hordes of starving will be roaming. Also, even though the elite will have their safe havens and specialist shelters, they must be just as careful during the war as the ordinary civilians, because their shelters can still be compromised."
After pausing for a few minutes to collect his thoughts, Mr Kissinger, carried on: "We told the military that we would have to take over seven Middle Eastern countries for their resources and they have nearly completed their job. We all know what I think of the military, but I have to say they have obeyed orders superfluously this time. It is just that last stepping stone, i.e. Iran which will really tip the balance. How long can China and Russia stand by and watch America clean up? The great Russian bear and Chinese sickle will be roused from their slumber and this is when Israel will have to fight with all its might and weapons to kill as many Arabs as it can. Hopefully if all goes well, half the Middle East will be Israeli. Our young have been trained well for the last decade or so on combat console games, it was interesting to see the new Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 game, which mirrors exactly what is to come in the near future with its predictive programming. Our young, in the US and West, are prepared because they have been programmed to be good soldiers, cannon fodder, and when they will be ordered to go out into the streets and fight those crazy Chins and Russkies, they will obey their orders. Out of the ashes we shall build a new society, there will only be one superpower left, and that one will be theglobal government that wins. Don't forget, the United States, has the best weapons, we have stuff that no other nation has, and we will introduce those weapons to the world when the time is right."



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O how I have dreamed of this delightful moment." .... You are not the only one Mr Kissinger who is waiting for that moment you may have best of the weapons but you have worse lousy hand to hold and crooked fingers on the trigger ... that fear of death will be the weakest link in this campaign of yours ... You may kill as many ARABS you like as they are bound to pay the price which is due on them for throwing that Divine Guidance in their own language behind their backs ... but that dream of world supremacy will remain a dream only.


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تو ڈرم بجا با با ، تو ہو اور جنگ نہ ہو ، یہ کیسے ممکن ہے


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This theory is not a fiction but true ,come what may, will be a reality in the near future.Few days ago I had talked about it and said there is a conspiracy of expansionism going on because zionist plans are in order so our region is very vulnerable and we have to be prepared for that .


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The Last Crusade
From the August 2001 Trumpet Print Edition
Most people think the crusades are a thing of the past—over forever. But they are wrong. Preparations are being made for a final crusade, and it will be the bloodiest of all! By Gerald Flurry

Most people think the crusades are a thing of the past— over forever. But they are wrong. Preparations are being made for a final crusade, and it will be the bloodiest of all!

The Crusades were a series of Roman Catholic “holy” wars to wrest control of the Holy Land from Muslims. They produced some of the bloodiest battles in history.
Did you ever wonder how the Catholics reconcile that “holy” slaughter with the Bible, which states, “Thou shalt not kill”? Or how they can read the Sermon on the Mount and still lead the religious world in spilling rivers of blood?

They are called the Christian Crusades. That label itself is a deception. They were primarily Catholic Crusades. Other Christian religions have their problems, but let’s not blame them for what the Catholics did—and will do. Some background will help us understand.

This content was printed online at: http://www.thetrumpet.com/?q=507.0.35.0
Copyright 2011 Philadelphia Church of God, All Rights Reserved.


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I find it amazing that there is someone out there who is taking the time to write this sh*t and what is more amazing is that there are fools out ther who find it and post it in forums and the biggest fools then read it and actually think there is something to it.


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it is just dream of a old mad Jew of America. just do not bother. it is time that US will have down fall because they have achieved their peak.


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can someone tell this old F-art that playing war games on console in your living room is totally different then being in real war... they trained the rest of the world on real ground... and when their real trained video player will face the real warriors they will S-hit in their pants...


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I doubt that Henry kissinger said any of that and used this language, i have some doubts about the authenticity of this peace. Kissinger is well known formar U.S Secretary of state, such people keep their true intentions hidden at all times, they don't parade their ideas in public.


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Friends please try to confirm the source of such news before jumping the gun. This website thedailysquib.com is like a funny story website for made up news and false opinions on different things.


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How gullible our people are. Fake war news sun ker bontar gaye sab!!

Cant you see how full of sh*t this article is by just looking at "Console Game ready Soldiers" quote??



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True or not Pakistan should be always on it toes to defend itself from within and without. If we look at the life of our Greatest of the Prophets Muhammed S.A.A.S. we see that he had not food to eat at times but had two shiny swords hanging on the wall, So pray for peace to prevail but be ready to defend.

Now I have suggestion to make to our Armed forces, after the killing of our brave soldier by these Anti Pakistan and anti Islam elements.

1. Hire more of the locals to do reconisances and and arrest thosr beforehand.
2. equip soldiers with hiddden daggers, knives and other item to defend themselves in a situation like this when they are arrested, do not wait to be taken to thier confinements.
3, learn tectics of diverting the attention of those arresting take them by surprise with quote wrods spoken in the case they are arrested. May be one of the soldier ask to join these kooks and draw their attention to him giving others the chance they need to overpwer these kooks.
4. Before deploying them in a remote area, embed a homing device to locate them by GPS.
5. If not carry Red chillies in their opokets to blind these kooks and than take care of them, do not wait tlll it si too late.

I may be niavely saying these things but due to heavy heart for our soldiers I had to say this, I hope it never happens again but there is always a chance when u r a soldier fighting these enemeis who will use all kind of dirty tectics. So be prepared.

Allah S.W.T. bless Pakistani soldiers. Ameen.
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Perhaps now he has lost his mkind due to unduly long age.... Is he blind enough to see what's happening in Afghanistan with Americans and Europeans?? So far as resources of Middle East are concerned nothing much can said but perhaps regarding China and other asian nations including Pakistan and Iran Mr. Kissinger is terribly wrong... whatever he has said may be pleasing dream for him and his fellow jews nothing else...


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This sub human German Jew and a war criminal sitting in NY, and dreaming of mass murder in the name of his maker, Satan..Why I am not surprised by this lust for Muslim blood. Look who is the president of Pakistan? In general all Islamic
countries? Look at the armies the Muslims have..With the exception Of Iran, they serve as crowed controls duties for the Jew control west.
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