Govt bans Federal Cabinet members to go abroad for treatment on govt expenses


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Govt officers should be given high salary and all such benefits like bangalows and cars etc. should be withdrawn from them.


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پاگل خان نے چائینہ سے واپسی پر جہاز میں بیٹھنے سے پہلے چین کے صدر کو ترسی نگاہوں سے
دیکھتے ہوا بولا
توہاڈے ولوں فیر ناں ہی سمجھاں



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It is very reasonable action, do not call it a ban.
Because these people are paid good, and hav
This is not a ban to travel abroad for medical treatment, this is an information that if any one wants he/she will be paying from pocket.
This is correct and sensible why should Government pay for your medical treatment abroad if it is not your package, so do it if you can affort or get treated in Pakistan.
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