Govt backs off from decision to bring controversial media courts


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Why the hell do they first propose and then back out!

These inconsistencies have become unbearable, whosoever comes up with these things..

The mobile handsets taxes another example..

And soon there'll have to be U-turns with respect to auto industry taxes to keep it afloat!


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They should bring a media watchdog like OFCOM in the UK. Should be easy to setup a citizen's portal-like app to report any complaints against any tv channel.
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This news could also be fake. Pakistani media is completely out of control with fake news and fake analysis. We need laws and system to do media accountability.

Media owners have made it clear that they will continue their negative reporting if government doesn’t support them. You may have noticed that Chinese officials had to come out on social media and publicly given statements in support of CPEC after media negative reporting against CPEC or related projects.

As far as I know, law minister is working on a proposal and it will presented to PM for final approval. I guess government intentionally released this news of tribunal to put pressure on media owners.
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