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Funny mimickry of Bushra Imran Niazi - must watch

Majid Sheikh

Councller (250+ posts)
پنکی جادوگرنی ذرا یہ تو بتاؤ تم نے کونسا جادو کیا کہ نیازی کی عقل وفات پاگئی، ہر وقت ہاتھ میں تسبیح لے کر ملنگوں کی طرح گھومتا رہتا ہے۔۔


Senator (1k+ posts)
No , she is your full of "Sufism" mom , her hormones are always on the high side and she never refrains from full throttle dam darood whenever someone approaches her
Before Mrs. Reham Khan was also Bahbhi of PTI, and after divorce, she was the most eligible lady of abusable language, 😱😱
Allah Kray Mrs. Bushra Bibi kay sath aisa na ho Ameen.


Senator (1k+ posts)
Phir mai wo tasveerain laga din jo nawaz shareef nay helicopter sai phinkwai thin or rana sana ullah ki double shift wali taqreer laga din to is forum pai opposition bhai charay mai us ki muzammat karay gi ya nhi?

Imran the legend

Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
ohhh zaleel kuttay yeh forum tere baap ka nahi hai
That is exactly what I mean these Haraam kors buys Judges media loot the country, they don’t even respect there fathers but they allowed to post any rubbish, these groups should be treated like dogs because they not loyal to Pakistan
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