Exclusive show from NA 122 constituency - Rigging Or No Rigging? See what people have to say

Farhan Maqbool

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I am frm NA-122. This photo was taken by me personally at abt 03:00 hrs. Before this, geo tv, ary n express all hav shared tht IK has lost in Lhr bt i was nt believing them as City 42 was giving detail abt result of each polling station in lahore.
If u saw at the top right corner u'd find tht only 119 (out of 290) polling station results recived at tht time i.e. less thn 50% !!!!! How can this be possible if u can't count all the votes ???

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Riaz Ali Habeeb

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Every Body know that election was rigging 100% by PMLN.
we are PTI members in Saudi Arabia no body satisfied from this election.
Our PTI members team have plan to make technical institute in each District in Pakistan inshallah very soon we will take starting from swat
it will be 100% free for poor people.
Thanks & Regards,
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