Dr Adnan talks about Nawaz Sharif's health condition..


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He is just bullshitting. You never delay lymph node biopsy because of low platelets.You just transfuse a bag of platelets and do the biopsy. And bone marrow biopsy is normally one of the initial investigations which should hv been done in Pakistan. Shame on the Drs who recommended sending him abroad without even a bone marrow biopsy.


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I had said well before him coming to UK that Drs here will not do any non sense investigations in a 70 years old with ITP. They will start him on Elthrombophag and leave him alone, which they hv done. The rest is now all drama and farmayeshi programme. They just need reasons to stay in London.


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The only ONE doctor in the world, who is looking for a doctor to treat his patient.

I believe his degree is fake... What an a**hole, he is.
This is the best doctor face that PMLN could come up with. LOL
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