Don’t be patriotic at expense of Pakistanis, Mehwish tells Shahrukh

Truth matters

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So all the Pakistanis that keep watching bollywood you are worse then the chaddis themselves. This is the lowest you can go playing this piss drinkers and terrorists movies at home and playing their music in your weddings. You are worse then them.


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beggar terrorists ki maar raha hai .
Begars ne tu 1947 main bharat mata ki daba k Mari thi itni mari k phaad k rakh di. Ab phir marain gey sub se baday chadi raja moozi ki help say.
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Publicity stunt.

These Pakistani actresses that nobody gives the time of day to are getting in news by criticising celebrities famous than them.

If the same Shah Rukh Khan was going to meet her, she would act differently.

Mehnat kar, hasad na kar
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