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اور یہ رہی تیری پہلی امی، جمائمہ، اپنی شناختی علامت دکھاتے ہوئے

اس کو چوم کے بتانا، کیسی ہے۔
Oh man o man - Its rare to see a lowly noker in rage. Relax - You were a result of a special kind of insemination not a qatri's qatra !


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This is in very bad taste and a totally useless taste. is this what the forum has sunk to now?
It certainly has - People are sharing their fantasies about Maryam Qatri. These should not be made public.

P.S: I think a better way to discourage such threads would be to release a pic of maryumm without make up !


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تیری یہ والی ماں تو میک اپ کے بعد بھی جمعدارنی لگتی ہے۔
Relax man - You are getting upset as if you were the issue out of the sweet sixteen love with a bawarchi or driver or khansama or whoever !


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پھٹے ہوئے کونڈوم سے خارج ہونے والے گناہ کے قطرو، اگلی بار مریم نواز پر بھونکنے سے پہلے عمران نیازی کے پورے خاندان کا یہ شجرہ نسب یاد رکھنا۔
Its Maryum Qatri - Qatri's have invested a lot of money and you may have been a witness to surrender from the window !


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Hot and sexy older woman, usually in her 40s or 50s, single or married, who is sick of her same-age counterparts which are usually hairless, have big guts, who only talk about their insurance premiums and have the TV remote control attached to their hands.

Cougars are attractive, in their sexual prime, who know what they want and aren't afraid to go after it. BIG misconception is that they dress cheap, wear hot pink nail polish, animal skin prints and are not-so-attractive old-looking hags with bleached hair (Yeah those women exist, but they are NOT cougars). True cougars are classy, beautiful creatures who have made their successes on their own, have real brains, usually with expensive cars/homes, and are real head turners. Cougars seek younger men, and don't have to sneak up and attack...they know their younger mates are eager to get an experienced woman who won't ask if they'll call them the next day.

A woman 40 years or older, in her sexual prime, emotionally more mature, healthy and energetic. She dates, plays with or marries a younger man that can keep up with her.

Due to her strong presence, knowledge, ego management and self cultivation a Cougar is more appealing and sexy to younger men that don't like games, don't want children, and they are deeper than the average male under 40.
The most dominant interest in Cougars is their deeper charm that is not based on shallow concepts of beauty and also their managed temperaments as they are not driven by hormonal imbalances that cause jealousy, competition and other foul behavior common to women under 40 (she's been there, done that).
There are negative ideas being projected onto Cougars by threatened hormonal women and shallow males that couldn't handle a real Cougar anyway! These types can have each other, they are not part of the Cougar Power reality.

A Cougar is a powerful woman that is not as satisfied with men stuck in an old mind-set about women/sex/politics etc. Exactly like the older men that feel more alive with younger women, the Cougar is more alive with younger men.

Only ONE problem.. Billow Rani Likes Men. Lesbianism is the Key..

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