Coronavirus fear grips workers in India - Unbelievable scenes


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Thank you Allah for giving a leader with the wisdom to have foresightedness to think about every aspect of the problem.
Also the courage to stand against the imbeciles that try to drag him down.
Thank you Imran khan
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یہ را ایجنٹ حرام کا ڈھکن انڈیا کے جہاز اپنے شہریوں کو چین نکالنے کے وڈیو بڑے فخر سے دکھا رہا تھا جیسے کرونا کو انڈیا کا راستہ نہیں آتا اب یہ کتی کا بچہ بتائے کہ ان ہزاروں بے گناہوں کو کہاں سے جہاز لینے آئے گا

Imran Siddiqi

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How is the Lockdown Going for you India???

Your Locked Down Brothers Sisters Mothers Fathers and Infants in Kashmir.

You can contact us for Tips. For that you will need to open internet access for us Though

Citizen X

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This is the total opposite what a lockdown is supposed to achieve haven't seen such massive crowds in a long while now.

All I was thinking was how these people are getting infected! If this goes on India will soon become the epicenter of this Pandemic and death toll will be in the 100s of 1000s
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