Captains innings (Economist magazine)


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This thread is in response to "Mansif" thread about The Economist prediction for future PM in pakistan.

Here is the link,
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Re: Captains innings (Economist megazine)

Bhai sahab . Aap bhi na nam nahi dekha oss ka ..munshi woh munshi hai aap oss ki nokri khatam karaney lagay ho lagane do dhiyari saad rafreeq ko mariyam ki 2 number kothay mein jo media cell hai oss mei ..


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Re: Captains innings (Economist megazine)

Kanran Khan says in his program that Economist artcle says that Nawaz will be next PM.Is Kamran is also Lifafa journalist?


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Re: Captains innings (Economist megazine)

feb 12 .... bht change hogai hai situation ab ..

Haan buhut change ho gaee hay situation ab...NOORAY kay ASLI BAAL ug aye hein ab[hilar][hilar][hilar]

...Punjab NEW YORK ban chuka hay.

... Punjab KAY paanch daryaon mein 'DOODH AUR SHEHED' beh raha hay.

... Lahore kee galion mein 'PARIS PERFUMES' kee khushboo aa chukee hay.

... Nooray ko 'TAQREER' karna aa gayee hay.

... Ch. Nisar nay WIG utaar dee hay.

... Ehsan Iqbal nay sach bolna shuru kar dia hay...

ARAY HAAN YAAR situation has been changed DRRRRRRRRRRRASTICALLY:lol::lol::lol:
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Re: sir Imran khan became the Asian person of the year

Truth pervails. A gift of nature to the land of Pakistan.

Imran K

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Re: sir Imran khan became the Asian person of the year

Congratulations PTI, Congratulations Supporters of IK.................hes deserve that


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That is why it is said that even to 'cheat' you have to have a 'brain'...from the above article it is beyond any comprehension that how this 'clown' Mansif drew the conclusion with the title favoring Nawaz Sugar Daddy to be the next PM...just another example of a parade of 'Deaf Dumb & Blind'...
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