Ali Muhammad challenges India to hoist Pakistani flag on Delhi Red Fort


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lolz... okay janab and i m a pti supporter.... jazbay aur junoon mein OTT hi ho gaye... both states being nuclear states, a war will not take place plus china, us, ksa, russia, and other stakeholders will not let them go at it...


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Oh please. Quit acting like the youtube arnold shwarzeneggers of India.

Lets focus on getting our house in order.
Sorry lala ji aap ke desh ko bura bhala kaha... par aap ke mantri jantri bhi to aae din bakwas karte haen.... thori si tari ham ne lagaai to kia howa??? chalta hae lala ji shant ho jao.


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If Ali can only stop posting pictures with Nawaz darbaris, that would be enough for us.


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Ali Muhammad Sb what kind of practical steps you are taking in this regard? I am sure once you devised a plan for flag hoisting, you will start concentrating on your ministry.
Since re-election, his performance is a big zero.


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Ali Muhammad Khan Sb, when going for this flag hoisting ceremony, please don't forget about your friend Ahsan Iqbal.
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