A moment of National Pride.


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Feeling Shame..Soon Altaf.. Molvi Fazulo..Nawaz.. Bilawal..Mayrum..Ishaq dar..K Asif..Rana Sana..Asfand Yar...receive salute from Pak Army..We all bow in front of Criminals... Traitors..


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The man who couldn't even secure a bail on "merit" and is on bail on grounds of "hardship", become a PM and it becomes a moment of National pride for some.

Have said it before, will say it again, the biggest crime of Sharif's, Zardari's, Maulana & Co is not the blatant corruption and billions laundered overseas but the part they played in moral degradation of the society as a whole, where its acceptable to have a person who is supposed to be charged for money laundering becomes a PM and "Khata hai tu lagata bhi tu hai" becomes accepetable.


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Looking at the face impressions of the Jawan, at one moment i thought he would behead Imported PM with the sword he was holding. Shobaaz face impressions were also confirming it 😂😂
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